lundi, 19 Juin, 2017 - jeudi, 22 Juin, 2017

Re-engaging People with Educational Barriers in Non-Formal and Formal Learning

Seminar / Conference 19-22 June 2017 | Leeds, United Kingdom A four-day cross-sectoral seminar to share and develop best practices, methods and...
dimanche, 9 Juillet, 2017 - samedi, 15 Juillet, 2017

Formation - "Sports, Outdoor Activities, Participation"

SOAP - Sports, Outdoor Activities, Participation help to explore sports and outdoor activities and education as tools around group processes,...
lundi, 9 Octobre, 2017 - dimanche, 15 Octobre, 2017

Step into Strategic Partnerships - Training course

A basic and generic training course in Berlin supporting the first steps of potential applicants into medium and large-scale Strategic Partnerships...
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